Tourist Information

Yerevan is one of the most ancient cities in the world. Armenia was the first to adopt Christianity as its State religion in 301. The great apostle of Armenia was St Gregory the Illuminator (257-337).

The capital Yerevan was founded in 782 BC as fortress Erebuni (Happy Site). The capital of Armenia has all the advantages of a modern capital city and boasts numerous historical attractions, together with a friendly atmosphere, which makes visitors feel at home.
A walk in Yerevan: Start the walk tour in Yerevan from the Republic Square where you can see the dancing fountains and light-show program. Abovyan Street follows next with its historical buildings and houses. Keep on walking and North Avenue will open a totally different picture to you high-rise buildings with modern architectural design, western style cafes and famous boutiques. The avenue leads to the Opera House and Swan Lake. Near bye are the Cascade stairs, a favorite among the tourists refer to it as <<Endless stairs to the sky>>. The Yerevanian panorama in the observation deck of the top of Cascade is the beautiful conclusion of the walk tour.

Sightseeing of Yerevan
• Republic Square
• Opera building
• The Cascade
• Matenadaran (Institute of ancient manuscripts)
• Vernissage Market
• Swan Lake
• Tsitsernakaberd (Genocide Memorial)
• Erebuni Town – Fortress
• National Art Gallery and History Museum